2 Tips That May Help You Prepare For A Strong, Lifelong Marriage

If you recently became engaged and are planning a wedding, there are steps you can take that may help you have a strong marriage that lasts a lifetime. The divorce rate today is very high, and you and your spouse might agree that taking the right steps to prevent a divorce in the future is what you both want. Here are two tips that may help you better prepare for a marriage so that you can have a strong marriage for the rest of your lives.

Hold Off Living Together

While many couples decide to move in together before they get married, this might not be the right step to take. According to research, couples that live together before marriage have a higher chance of considering divorce and going through with it.

It might make sense to you to live together with your partner before you get married, because this offers a chance to truly get to know the person you will marry. While this is true, cohabitating can lead to something called the inertia effect.

The inertia effect is when couples marry simply because they are living together. If these couples had not been living in the same house, they would not have gotten married. When you live with someone, you have a bigger investment in that person, and this can make it harder to split up. Because of this, couples will marry simply because it is the easy thing to do.

In addition to this, research shows that couples that live together before marriage actually fight more and are less satisfied later on in life. While living together before marriage does not always have negative effects, it might be something you should think about before you decide to share a house with your partner.

Attend Premarital Counseling

The second thing to consider before marriage is attending premarital counseling. Research in this area has revealed that it appears that couples who attend premarital counseling have a lower rate of divorce. In addition, couples that attended premarital counseling also tend to have marriages that are happier and have less major conflicts.

If you are serious about your future marriage and want to do everything you can to help it be successful, attending premarital counseling could be an excellent step to take.

There are many reasons premarital counseling helps couples have better marriages, and here are some of the top reasons:

  • It is an investment – When couples are willing to invest in their marriages, it is often because they are committed to them. Commitment is one of the most important attributes of good marriages, and spending the time to attend these classes often shows a person's character.
  • They learn about the reality of marriage – Premarital counseling sessions can cover many things, but these sessions often teach couples about the reality of marriage. When couples enter marriage with unrealistic expectations, they are often disappointed. This disappointment can lead to conflicts in the marriage, and this could eventually cause a couple to split up.
  • Couples learn practical skills – Premarital counseling is also helpful for couples because it teaches them practical skills they can use. One skill is the art of communication. Learning how to communicate well with your spouse is a factor that can help you have a stronger marriage.
  • You can discuss major issues – Finally, premarital counseling is helpful because it forces you to discuss major issues that often lead to conflict in marriage. This includes conversations about the number of children you want and how you plan on raising them, and it also includes conversation about financial matters.

Even though the divorce rate is so high today, you do not have to fall into that statistic. By taking the right steps, you may be able to have a marriage that is strong and lifelong. If you would like to learn more ways to help your upcoming marriage, contact a counseling firm that offers premarital counseling services.