Consider Couples Counseling

Being married can be one of the most wonderful experiences, but it can also be extremely difficult. Living with another person who has specific characteristics and habits can wear a person down. Even when the qualities are mostly good qualities, things can start to rub a spouse or partner the wrong way. Even couples that have been together for years can start to be annoyed by the person that they love. In fact, often that annoyance can go very deep and turn into much more than an annoyance. If you are going through a difficult time with your spouse or partner, you may want to think about going to couples counseling. At couples counseling, you will be speaking with a counselor, and it can be very beneficial. Here are a few things to keep in mind when going through couples counseling.

First Appointment 

Many therapists are going to want to meet with both you and your spouse or partner. They will watch how both of you interact with one another and will listen to both sides of the story. The therapist will ask some basic background questions about why you are seeking counseling and what exactly is the issue at hand. You can be very certain that the counselor will not say much in this session, but will do a great deal of listening and watching. Some therapists actually like to talk with each of you individually just in case you did not feel comfortable speaking your mind when you were with your partner. 


You may have been referred to counseling by a friend or family member, but it is important to remember that not all therapy is the same. If their relationship was healed in just a few short months do not give yourself false hope. It is possible to repair the relationship very quickly, it is also important to remember that every relationship is different. Do not burden yourself with timetables.


Each counselor is different and will give you very specific instructions. It is going to be absolutely vital that you do exactly as the counselor says. Do not worry about what your spouse is doing. Just focus on doing your part. If your spouse does not do their part, then they can deal with that consequence. Your counselor can give you a very big checklist, but it is going to be extremely important that you follow it to the exact. 

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