3 Warning Signs That Your Marriage Needs Professional Help

After being married for a while, you may start to wonder if the way you and your spouse are living together is normal. While some things do change over time after being with someone for so long, there are three warning signs that your marriage may be falling apart and needs professional help.

Inability to Communicate Without Being Negative

Just about every couple has arguments where they may say negative things to one another. However, if you feel that all you have to say each other are nitpicky complaints or insults, this is a warning sign that something deeper is wrong with your relationship.

Whether you both have unspoken issues with one another or are afraid to voice your problems, these negative comments could be a symptom of these issues. You may have forgotten how to communicate with each other and need someone to reteach you how to express yourselves without hurting one another.

Level of Intimacy Changes

Over time, intimacy in a marriage may level off. However, although things are not as passionate as they were in the beginning, you should still have some type of physical relationship. This does not only include sex, but it also covers hand-holding, hugging, and touching.

If your level of intimacy has suddenly become nonexistent, however, this is a serious sign that something is going on. There may be some deep-setted anger between the two of you. Or, because you are unable to communicate properly, the desire may not even be there.

However, a sudden increase in intimacy may also indicate a problem, unless you are both working towards improving your relationship. If your partner has suddenly wanted to be more passionate, they may be trying to cover up some type of secret or infidelity in their lives.

Infidelity in Any Part of Your Lives Together

Although most people think of infidelity as having an affair with a third party, there are other types that could wreck a marriage besides cheating on a partner. For example, if your spouse or you are keeping a secret bank account that is used for their or your own use, this is a sign of financial infidelity.

If the relationship with your spouse has started exhibiting the above signs or any others that make you concerned, you may want to seek professional help. Make an appointment with a marriage counselor at a counseling center like Tim Robbins Counseling who can help the two of you communicate better and teach you tools to deal with issues that may be threatening your relationship.