Negative Things That A Female Family Member Could Encounter As A Result Of Drugs

Those who struggle with addiction will sometimes admit that they need help and check themselves into a treatment program. However, this isn't always the case. Often, the addict will be so deep in the world of addiction that she will continue down this path until something negative happens that will ideally compel her to seek treatment. If you have a female family member — a wife, a sister, or someone else — on this path, you'll be doing her a life-changing favor by intervening and encouraging her to seek treatment. Beyond the obvious risk of dying as a result of her addiction, here are some things that your female loved one could encounter in the future:

She Could Lose Her Children

Women who have children and are struggling with addiction are in a very serious situation. Not only can their behavior have a negative impact on their children in a virtually endless list of ways, but a woman may have her children taken away by the authorities. If someone reports this woman to the local children's services department, it will often send a case officer to investigate the situation. If the case officer determines that the children are at risk because of the mother's addiction, they may be removed from the home and placed with a family member or even put into a group home. When you intervene and encourage the woman to get treatment, she may be able to avoid this issue.

She Could Be Sexually Assaulted

Female addicts can often find themselves in situations in which they are sexually assaulted or otherwise forced to engage in sexual activity against their will. Because addicts will often spend time with undesirable people, a woman may not know those in her presence. If she were to be high or even passed out, someone might commit a sexual assault on her. In some cases, drug dealers may exchange sexual favors for drugs for those who don't have enough money, or a pimp may even force the woman to sell her body for drugs.

She Could Get Into Legal Trouble

A big concern for addicts is getting into problems with the law. There are many reasons that addicts can get arrested, including possession of drugs and even activities that support their drug habit, such as theft. If the woman in your life doesn't currently have a criminal record, things won't necessarily stay that way — and a criminal record, even if the woman doesn't do time in jail or prison, could make it even more challenging for her to get employment. Stepping in to help a loved one is difficult, but when you consider the negative situations that could be in her future without drug treatment, it's the right thing to do.

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