Why Should You Consider A Pilot Substance Abuse Program?

For many pilots, the stress of the job is overwhelming. Not only are pilots tasked with flying planes safely, but they are also responsible for passenger safety and abiding by rules and regulations. It is normal for this job to cause some stress, and this can often contribute to substance abuse.

For many reasons, you should consider a pilot substance abuse treatment program. These are a few reasons to consider signing up for a program today.

Treatment Acknowledges Pilots Have a Dangerous Job

Pilots have a lot on their minds. While they are operating a large vehicle, they also have to be concerned about the needs of their passengers while also abiding by safety regulations. It is normal to experience stress in these situations, and pilot substance abuse programs acknowledge the role of work in one's substance abuse and treatment plan.

Treatment Provides Detox

During your substance abuse treatment session, one of the first things you will experience is detox. This ensures that all substances are out of your system and that you are able to face withdrawal symptoms, even with the help of medication. As you work through withdrawal and cravings, you will begin to focus on the mental health aspects of addiction.

For many pilots, getting through the physical withdrawal symptoms is the biggest hurdle to getting help. Detox gives you a safe place free of pressure to begin your work.

Treatment Provides Skills for a Safe Return

When you do decide to return to work, treatment will equip you with the skills that set you up for success. You will have coping skills you can use to prevent a relapse, and you will return to work with other ways to manage stress effectively on the job.

Treatment Gets to the Cause of the Problem

Often, people get treatment without realizing that the underlying issue is much deeper than the physical reliance on substances. Issues could be lurking beneath the surface that may benefit from therapy or counseling. The treatment you get now can help you find happiness and fulfillment in your personal life after you leave a treatment program. A pilot-focused program helps you focus on issues specific to your lifestyle.

Check Out a Pilot Substance Abuse Treatment Program

A special program designed for pilots is a great way to get the help you need. A pilot substance abuse program provides understanding and empathy that ensures you do not feel alone in your recovery. Contact a program today like Lehigh Valley Counselors to get started.