5 Strategies for Monitoring Your Child's Exposure to & Possible Addiction of Pornography

Teen pornography addiction is becoming more prevalent, and as a concerned parent, you should be as aware of this risk as you are of drug addictions and substance abuse. However, it can be even more challenging to notice a pornography addiction than many other types of addiction. As a parent, here's what you can do to monitor your child's exposure to and possible addiction of pornography. 1. Open a Conversation

Consider Couples Counseling

Being married can be one of the most wonderful experiences, but it can also be extremely difficult. Living with another person who has specific characteristics and habits can wear a person down. Even when the qualities are mostly good qualities, things can start to rub a spouse or partner the wrong way. Even couples that have been together for years can start to be annoyed by the person that they love.

3 Things That Can Help Reduce Anxiety

If you suffer with anxiety, you'd probably do just about anything to get rid of it. Medication and anxiety therapy can be helpful for many people. But did you know there are a few things you might be doing to make your anxiety worse? Here are three behaviors you can immediately change that can help reduce the anxiety that often accompanies fears and phobias. #1: Your Thoughts Most people with an anxiety disorder try desperately to stop the thoughts and fears that plague them.

5 Tips To Help A Loved One Stay Sober After Going To Rehab

When you have a loved one who has an addiction, it can be very difficult for the entire family. One of the best things that can happen is for the addict to recognize that he or she has a substance abuse problem and commit to an in-patient program at a recovery center for substance abuse. A good substance abuse recovery program can go a long way in helping a person recover from an addiction, but it is not a magic cure.